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Xmark Spot

We created this visual prototype with a 3d printed model.


We started this project with only a pen and paper drawing from the client. After a couple of days, we send them a 3D graphical representation of their drawing. They were so impressed that they asked if we did the 3D printing and we can Smack that, so…

We ended up printing the demo, crafting it by ourselves and shipping it on time for her conference to get to investors. They ended up having a real prototype at the booth of the Collision conference to showcase it to everyone. This was all completed within 2 weeks!

The result? A happy client 🙂 Need something similar done? Just ask 🙂

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We are always ready for new challenges. We really like helping startups achieve their goals, and make their dreams become reality. Why do we like that? Because we’ve been there. We began back in 1999 so we can easily leverage our experience to make your next project a wildly fun success.


    Lindsay Friedman

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    June 31, 2018


    Xmart Spot