Grand Central Experience

This is a cinematic representation from a shoot we did @ Grand Central Station and the Apple Store.

Cinematic Experiences

Immersive Video

We created this video to show how the spirit of New York can be seen here. Music & slow motion with a gimbal camera makes the shots look incredible.


How We Work

Our idea was to show you how we feel everytime we enter this place. Check out the decorations and the lamps hanging from a birds eye. It is amazing how many people commute here every day. Stop, breathe and appreciate its beauty.

We combined a Sony DSLR camera with 2 lenses + an iPhone X for the second half of the video. Mixing both sources brought an incredible result that you will appreciate.

Quality Over Quantity

We are constantly evolving in the ways we create content. Today you have so many tools that would help you to achieve your goals. We really like creating cinematic experiences that captivate the audience. We randomly choose a spot in New York City and create these series called “Inception” which marks a way that we perceive New York for the rest of the world. We really enjoy doing this and we hope you like it too.



  • DATE:

    May 26, 2018



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