We were asked to help on this promotional commercial that let us fly over New York in a helicopter with NYonAir.com. The result was incredibly cool.

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"Bridget Beyer who is the owner of Beyer dealerships says that they like to spread good energy and MindSmack helps us to do it perfectly.
Bridget Beyer

A new day, a new adventure!

Our friends at Beyer asked us if we can help them on filming some footage for a TV commercial that they wanted to put together. The detail was that the commercial was a co-branding with NYonAir. We flew over New York City in a helicopter with no doors!

How we work

We filmed the entire flight in 360 degrees with a GoPro Fusion and then came up with some additional advertisements for social media and TV. Have any video work for us? Hello@MindSmack.com

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